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A mouse has been in my cup. I'm OK with mice in a field, but in my kitchen - even with the hole in the wall and all - that's right out. Traps down again, and about to seal the pipe riser so mice have no access. Doesn't solve for, "Mice are in the house generally," But I think we're down to one, now. Food's in buckets, of course.

Meanwhile, it looks like the horrible dividing wall between kitchen and kitchen hall is composed of 1950s cardboard composite. Drilled through to lay in wiring - discovered that the entire wall was that crap - thinking it may be time to rip that wall down to studs and see what's underneeth. Not a project I’m particularly looking forward to, but it’ll do several things:

1) Allow for proper wiring paths.
2) Allow for ripping of really scary old wiring.
3) Allow for either a new wall, a new supporting wall, or – if the wall is non-supporting, possibly a complete rip. I’m guessing it’s supporting, and a kitchen-to-hall window box is in order.
4) Get the wall-material I’m allergic to out of the house.

So, wiring’s on hold, and I’m waiting for my eyes to stop swelling before I go get more garden work done. Squash beds are in – squash is upstairs still – and I need to go weed.