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Main Riser - to third floor/attic spotted and live legacy run located. This will serve as riser path to entire second floor as well as third/attic.

Bedroom - 1 spotter hole, then second spotter hole, then riser hole.
Bedroom - Dropped heater line through new path. Hall-way now clear of temp run.

Cat room - Pretty much the entire area I planned on drilling through had legacy wire. Current detection for the win! So, came through on the other side of the door from where I wanted to, but this enables moving the light switch much more easily anyhow.
Cat room - Floor riser probably to be abandoned now that I have a better path.
Cat room - Once locations of live legacy determined, spotter hole worked as riser hole.

Kitchen - Traced legacy live paths
Kitchen - Spotter hole worked as riser hole.
Kitchen - Path to serve hallway already in place.
Kitchen - Legacy path to serve upper deck light determined to be sketchy beyond words. Will re-run.

Bathroom - Riser from basement abandoned
Bathroom - Spotter hole located structure, second spotter hole used as riser hole.

Primary hall - to be served from riser to third floor.

Easter room / office - spotter hole worked as riser hole.
Easter room / office - will serve Barbie closet and pantry. Barbie closet is pink, thus the name. Due to current lack of wall between pantry and Barbie closet, they are currently one room.

Media room: Currently not spotted due to very sketchy ceiling and complete fullness with computers and media devices.