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Oh Fabjous Day

The insulation in the ceilings of the media room, dining room, and entry room are finally up. There's a bit of edge tucking to be done, and one edge - about six inches to a foot wide, depending upon the line - where the media room has been left clear for electrical access to remove the knob-and-tube riser. The water lines aren't insulated in the interior walls so as to leave them exposed to the heat from the respective rooms they're exposed to, and the ceiling water run - who needs a wet wall when you can have a wet ceiling? - are likewise left clear both for access and heat. The amount of stuff moved again exceeds common sense, but that's OK. This time I didn't rip up my back nearly so much.

Looks like the hanging of the 4'x8' ceiling boards may end up being fully partner work, even with the dead-man.

Next on the agenda:

1) Concrete backer board.
2) Heavy sheet of structural plywood. I'm still torn between structural plywood and the uglier variant of exposed dropped/sistered joists, but that's probably because I'm genetically pre-disposed to over-engineering.
3) Hanging said plywood or joisting.
4) Hanging the concrete backerboard upstairs in the kitchen.
5) Hanging the concrete backerboard downstairs in the bathroom.
6) Completing the tiling of the downstairs bathroom.
7) Cutting and laying the granite counters upstairs.
8) Calling the plumbers to do the sink.

Who overheats in mid-october? Me, as it turns out.
Who has way too many loads of construction laundry? Me.
Who has a fridge cleaner pizza with curried cloved egg on it in the oven? Me.